Melanin (Just Once Sip)

She stood firm in her sensual affirmation that beauty surpasses the borders
Of her skin tinted in melanin a coat that glistens in the radiant sun and
Resembled chocolate a complexion of complexity that I so loved
Her eyes yes her breathtaking eyes. That reminded me of the moon
Set perfectly in the dark blue sky. But imagine it being mocha with just a
Hint of vanilla to emphasize the flavor, if she was mixed in to a grande cup
Topped with whipped cream and sealed with a lid to hold in all that glorious
Steam that flowed in the curves of the awe of a silhouette I would want to
Inhale all her at once. But, if I might savor her very essence with every sip
I would just so I could have with me for a day that felt like an eternity so
That at the end of the night I could see her tantalizing eyes in the sky and taste
Her one last time as I lick my lips. Bold, Black, Beautiful just  one sip a hint of melanin